Copyright North York Moors National Park/Olivia Brabbs

The Brief

To develop a new approach to deliver the ‘Time for You’ campaign. Focusing on showcasing the plethora of relaxing and rewarding experiences on offer across the National Park throughout the year, helping to extend the season.

Any Activity had to focus on engaging two key audiences, one audience familiar with the destination and one who had recently discovered the outdoor experience through the lockdown. Key markets included London & the South East and the North West

What PW Did…

  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Video and Still Photography Creative Development
  • Supplier Management
  • Project Management

With such a vast and varied offer, this campaign was always going to be a treat to work on. The pandemic and its first lockdown had brought home to audiences the importance of finding peace in a place that soothed, inspired and energized – and this was the inspiration for Time for You –showcasing both the experiences on offer and the overall ethos of finding this special time just for you and loved ones and taking part in activities that have real meaning, on a personal level.

An example of content from ‘Time for You’ Copyrigtht North York Moors National Park/Olivia Brabbs

All activity created was developed around the central theme of showcasing the real experience across each season. As you can see from the examples below, the activity connected with the target audiences, with the choice of models and experiences showcased put the audience at the heart of the activation.

Delivery channels included targeted radio & podcast placement, social media, including YouTube and digital advertising.

This campaign also utilised Influencer marketing, working with a partner agency to reach audiences with the help of well-known travel and lifestyle Influencers who best matched the ethos of the campaign.

One of the series of seasonally-focused videos that were used throughout the campaign. Copyright North York Moors National Park. With thanks to Hewitt & Walker.


Campaign evaluation is currently underway, however, initial results show the campaign has already converted a sizeable audience to find time for themselves during quieter times of the year.


“When working with Paul, you know from the start that he understands what you are trying to achieve and works hard to make sure this is delivered on time and on budget.

His knowledge of marketing techniques and industry trends meant we felt confident in the approach proposed and involved and consulted throughout. It felt like a truly collaborative process.
Put simply; it’s been brilliant working with Paul & PW Does…”

Catriona McLees, Head of Marketing & Communications, North York Moors National Park